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How a leader behaves is just as important as the qualifications, skills and competencies they possess. Ensuring that your leaders enact the right values and attitudes is key to maximising the performance of your organisation.

Managers who are competent in their professional capacity, and yet who fail to engage and develop their people, can lead to untold costs and lost opportunities for their organisation. Among their teams, motivation, commitment, innovation, and productivity will never be as high as they could be, and job-related stress can be particularly present. At the very least, such individuals waste the full potential of their people, and of the organisation more widely.

Real World Group’s Performance Leader Identifier is a self-assessment tool designed to enable you to select and develop leaders who behave in ways that create superior, sustainable performance for your organisation.

“…[Personality tests] account for approximately 5% of an employee’s job success while the other 95% of their performance is unaccounted for by personality.”

Beau Baez, H. (2013) Personality Tests in Employment Selection: Use With Caution, Cornell HR Review.


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Research Behind the PLI

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Identifying leaders who maximise performance

Leadership selection for senior roles is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Selecting the wrong person adds significant, further costs in both the short and long term. Being able to correctly identify and select those individuals who are most able to maximise team and organisational performance is essential. This is where the Performance Leader Identifier helps you, or organisations you work with.

Key benefits of using the Performance Leader Identifier in selection:


Assessment of leadership behaviour, not personality


Based on thorough, compelling and contemporary evidence-based research model


Designed for senior leaders in any sector


Helps address challenges more diverse leaders can face in career progression


Rapid generation of individual’s profile report


Easy to interpret report, with clear graphs and guidance


Discussion questions to further explore responses given


Self-development suggestions included that benefit the leader


Clear opportunity to link to coaching or in-role development activities


Online accreditation takes less than half a day

A new approach – behaviour, not personality

The use of online assessments in selection processes is commonplace these days. They are intended to increase the chances that an organisation is able to identify which candidates are most likely to reinforce their desired culture. However, many assessments, while “feeling” or “seeming” effective, often lack significant evidence of their validity. They can often be many decades old, not well researched, or not fit for purpose in today’s challenging environment. The assessments available from other test publishers that are genuinely effective focus primarily on assessing personality traits, typically mapped against the competency framework for the role.

The Performance Leader Identifier provides you with an effective and refreshingly different approach. It is a research-based diagnostic tool which directly assesses behaviors, values and attitudes, rather than personality traits. The foundation for assessment is Real World Group’s uniquely proven Engaging Transformational Leadership model, further researched and modified for self-assessment. It will help you to explore whether a candidate has the critical foundations to maximise organisational performance as a senior leader, in whatever role they are applying for.

The Performance Leader Identifier is based on contemporary research, conducted in today’s increasingly challenging and ever-changing world. It reflects the fact that the key to success in organisations is releasing the potential, motivation, innovation, wellbeing, and engagement of those around you. It helps identify those leaders who distribute leadership responsibility, rather than hold on tight to their own power, create teams who are open to change, and lead across boundaries with integrity.

The foundational research, Engaging Transformational Leadership, was deliberately designed based on a diverse sample of leaders. This means that it is an inclusive model, and helps address one of the most insidious forms of discrimination in selection and assessment – unconscious bias, or being assessed against criteria that do not value the way that more diverse leaders may prefer to lead.

You can read both academic and practitioner-focused articles about Engaging Transformational Leadership through our Resources page.

Clearly presented candidate profile

The Performance Leader Identifier provides you with an easy to interpret profile of the individual’s leadership approach. It assesses the leadership behaviours that the individual enacts most and least often, which have been normed against a large comparison group.

Summary Report

The graphs illustrate that Chris is more likely to enact:

  • Inspiring Vision
  • Decision & Risk-taking Confidence
  • Networking Influence

Chris is less likely to enact:

  • Genuine Concern for Others
  • Available and Approachable
  • Valuing Others’ Contributions

    Ensuring leader openness

    As a well-designed self-assessment tool, the Performance Leader Identifier uses ipsative (or “forced-choice”) questions. Individual leaders are presented with 40 blocks of three statements, and they must decide which of the three is “most like them” and which is “least like them”. Given that all of the statements describe positive leadership behaviours, candidates have to be honest in their self-assessment to give themselves the best chance of accurately identifying and then improving the impact of their leadership behaviours. It is practically impossible to “skew” the results in an effective way to try and create a more favourable impression than is accurate.

    We also provide you with suggested discussion questions in order to explore the leader’s profile with them in more depth after they have completed it. This enables both you and them to understand their leadership approach more fully, and the ways in which they enact (and could adapt) their leadership in practice.

    Creating the most valuable experience for both you and your candidates

    The Performance Leader Identifier generates two separate reports, included at one price. Both provide you and the leader being assessed with:

    • A clear summary of their leadership profile
    • Guidance on the likely impact of their behaviour on the organisation and your people

    In addition:


    Discussion questions to explore the individual’s leadership profile further


    Development suggestions to enhance areas of least preference in effective leadership

    Using the PLI as a self-assessment tool for your current leaders

    The Performance Leader Identifier is designed so that it can also be used as a self-assessment tool for leaders already in your organisation.

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