Stronger leadership to ensure quality of care

Healthcare organisations maximise quality of care when they enhance productivity, innovation and employee wellbeing. Engaging Leadership is shown through longitudinal research to have a direct, causal relationship with enhanced performance and increased positive attitudes to work. Our consultancy support and diagnostic tools are specifically designed for healthcare individuals and teams from the frontline to the Board.

Diagnostic Tools


Our most popular tool, assessing Engaging Leadership from middle to Executive level leaders

Clinical Leadership 360

Tailored to enhance Engaging Leadership among clinical leaders of all professions with non-line management roles

Clinical Leadership 360 - GMC

Enables doctors to enhance their Engaging Leadership skills at the same time as assessing GMC revalidation

iGovernance - NHS

Designed for Non-Executive Directors of NHS organisations. Assesses Engaging Leadership & essential governance competencies

Bespoke 360

We can design and host your own bespoke 360 diagnostic utilising our expertise

Engaging Team 360

Whole team assessment with feedback given by stakeholders around them

Board Leadership and Governance 360 NHS

Full Board assessment of leadership, governance and team working for highly effective Trusts

Executive Team 360

Assesses the team combined in essential leadership, governance and team working behaviours and skills

Partnership 360

- Team assessment designed for strategic Boards. Versions for Group Boards & Public Partnerships (e.g. HWB)

Leadership Culture & Change Inventory

Fully bespoke instrument tailored to deep dive into leadership culture & values across organisations


Assesses both the leadership behaviours and managerial competencies needed to enhance diversity & inclusion

Staff Engagment 
& Wellbeing 
Survey (SEWS)

Tailored survey tool for assessing levels of engagement and wellbeing across large organisations


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