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Published research is the foundation of everything we do at Real World Group. Fundamentally, we exist to conduct and translate valid and reliable studies of how leadership influences performance into practical, real-world application. This means that organisations like yours can benefit from it in impactful and cost-effective ways.


We are different from most other consulting and diagnostics companies. As a spin-out company from the University of Leeds, our foundations are in academia, and we were conceived to enable organisations to benefit from our proven leadership measures. We have a dedicated Research Team of experienced psychologists. Our Founding Director, Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe, remains active in contributing to our thought leadership.

Our research over the past 15 years has built on our foundational Engaging Leadership study to produce our uniquely valid and reliable diagnostic tools. We also conduct new research all of the time, both commissioned and self-funded.

There are various ways in which we assist organisations to better understand their performance and their sector through bespoke research studies.

We have built a strong reputation for thought leadership, and regularly publish in peer-reviewed and trade journals, as well as in academic and practitioner books. Please visit our Resources page to find out more.

Key areas of expertise
of research into practice are:


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