Privacy Policy

Data collected via the use of our diagnostic products, such as online 360 questionnaires and surveys, is held by the providers of our respective diagnostic and survey platforms, who maintain security and access controls as are appropriate for data privacy and confidentiality.

Data held in the 360 system is accessed through the Participant’s/User’s email address. It is the individual’s responsibility to supply an appropriate email address and protect the security of their site password.

We sometimes collect questionnaire and survey data for our own internal research purposes.  We guarantee that any information we collect is used in a confidential and anonymous manner; we allow users to opt out of their data being used in this manner.

Real World Group 360-degree feedback Reviewer Privacy Details

As someone completing another person’s 360-degree feedback (a “reviewer”), every attempt is made to protect your anonymity in the ratings that you provide to the “target manager” (the person you are providing feedback for).

In this regard:

  • Your name is not included in the final report
  • Your name is never linked to the ratings that you provide
  • The target manager knows no more than the fact that you have or have not completed the questionnaire
  • In order to disguise the ratings you have given, your ratings are combined with those of at least one other person before a bar is displayed in a graph (the only exception to this is in the case of the “Manager” or “Boss” category)

An explanation of the ‘range’ indicator

Some of our reports display the ‘range’ of scores provided by reviewers within the same category. In instances where everyone in the same category has responded with the same rating, this is shown by the range indicator – for example, if everyone listed in the “Peers” category answered a particular question with a score of “3”, the report would show a range of “3” to “3”, and therefore the reader of the report would know each Peer answered with a score of 3.

If you have any questions regarding your privacy as a reviewer or any other questions on the Real World Group privacy policy, please email

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