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Performance Leader Identifier

Organisations increasingly recognise that how a leader behaves is just as important as the qualifications, skills and competencies they possess.

There is a much greater awareness around the world that a highly competent manager who fails to engage and develop their people leads to untold costs in lost motivation, commitment, innovation, productivity and increased stress among those they work with. At the very least, they squander the potential of their people and the organisation.

Many leaders in post can start to understand how effectively they engage others in pursuit of superior performance through 360-degree feedback. They can be provided with coaching and other developmental opportunities to become more effective in this regard. However, selecting these types of leaders in the first place is essential to creating and sustaining the right culture in the most effective way.

Traditionally, selection assessments have tried to help organisations identify which of their candidates is most likely to reinforce the culture they want to create. However, these assessments often lack significant validity or reliability. Those that are genuinely effective tend to be based on personality traits, which are pre-cursors to (or indicators of) leadership behaviour.

We will soon be launching a selection tool, the Performance Leader Identifier, that goes straight to the assessment of behaviours, values and attitudes. It is based on our past 15+ years of Engaging Leadership research and practice.

The Performance Leader Identifier will make it easier for you to identify those candidates that have the qualities to maximise performance in your organisation in a sustainable way – by harnessing the full potential of your people.

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