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We have a unique range of Team, Executive Team and Board 360-degree feedback instruments that have been featured in national publications.

Each of these is based on its own ground-breaking research. They have been practically applied with great success in the real world of organisations.

They assess leadership strengths as a collective – from the perspective of a range of stakeholders around the team – as opposed to assessing individuals making up a team. Click on the links below to find out more about the most appropriate tool for your team:

Engaging Team 360

Whole team assessment with feedback given by stakeholders around them

Executive Team 360

Assesses the team combined in essential leadership, governance and team working behaviours and skills

Partnership 360

Team assessment designed for strategic Boards. Versions for Group Boards & Public Partnerships (e.g. HWB)

Sector specific

Each of these diagnostics assess three overarching aspects of effective Boards and Executive Teams – Engaging Leadership behaviours; essential Governance Competencies and High-Performing Team behaviours.

Board Leadership and Governance 360 NHS

Full Board assessment of leadership, governance and team working for highly effective Trusts

Board Leadership and Governance 360 Private

Board assessment for private organisations of leadership, governance and high-performing team behaviours

Board Leadership and Governance 360

Board or Executive Team 360 assessing specific needs in public or third sector organisations

Board Leadership and Governance 360 Local Government

Tailored 360 assessment for enhancing leadership effectiveness of local government corporate teams

University executive Team Healthcheck - 360

Tailored for HE Executive Teams, this instrument is available from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

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