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DIAG.pngOur range of individual 360-degree feedback tools are available in open, sector- or role-specific and bespoke versions.

Each is designed to assess Engaging Leadership in the most effective way for the role.


Our most popular tool, assessing Engaging Leadership from middle to Executive level leaders

TLQ Non-line Manager

Tailored assessment of Engaging Leadership for individuals without line management responsibility

Bespoke 360

We can design and host your own bespoke 360 diagnostic utilising our expertise

Role Specific
iGovernance - Private

Designed for Non-Executive Directors of private companies. Assesses Engaging Leadership & essential governance competencies

iGovernance - Public / Third sector

Provides 360-feedback on Engaging Leadership & governance competencies for public and third sector Non-Executive Directors

Clinical Leadership 360

Tailored to enhance Engaging Leadership among clinical leaders of all professions with non-line management roles

Clinical Leadership 360 - GMC

Enables doctors to enhance their Engaging Leadership skills at the same time as assessing GMC revalidation

Sector specific
iGovernance - NHS

Designed for Non-Executive Directors of NHS organisations. Assesses Engaging Leadership & essential governance competencies

iGovernance - Local Government

Tailored for the specific role of Elected Members of local authorities. Assesses Engaging Leadership and role-specific competencies

Local Government 360

Junior and middle-manager diagnostic assessing Engaging Leadership & local government competencies

Fire & Rescue 360

FRS-specific tool available in different versions bespoke for all levels of leader

Police 360

Diagnostic assessment for Police leaders assessing Engaging Leadership & Police competencies

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