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One of the key foundations of our positive reputation at Real World Group is transformative culture change.

We enable organisations to build an Engaging Leadership culture from the very top, such that what follows is clear improvement in performance – measured through the bottom line.

Our culture change programmes have been written about in trade journals and book chapters, and spoken about at national conferences. You can read some examples in the Resources section of this website, and there are more to come shortly.

Among our successes, organisations in a variety of sectors have described how we have enabled them to:

  • Achieve cost savings of £millions
  • Transformed culture for the better in only 18 months
  • Joined the Top 20 of the Sunday Times' Best Companies to Work For list

We start at the very top of the organisation, working with Boards or Executive Teams, and then cascade the development support throughout senior leadership.

We very much believe in enhancing organisational capability, rather than creating dependency, therefore, an important part of our programmes is increasing internal capacity to continue the culture change journey beyond our intervention.

To find out how we can help you achieve measurable results, please contact us to discuss your own aspirations.

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