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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a change technique originally designed by Professor David Cooperrider, and firmly grounded in positive psychology. It is growing quickly in popularity across sectors throughout the world.

AI is based on the principles of innovation, distributed, engaging leadership, and maximising everyone's potential. It is an excellent aspect of any organisation's toolkit for culture change, and sustaining the desired culture.

AI helps people uncover the best of what exists within a system, and to open up their minds to the possibilities of what can be achieved. It is not an unrealistic approach to problem-solving, but rather incorporates the very real frustrations and barriers to success that are experienced by people in a latter stage of the process.

We have successfully utilised AI as a methodology for enabling organisations, Boards and wider teams to:

  • Formulate a more engaging vision
  • Develop a new strategy
  • Re-engage their passion for the future of the organisation
  • Solve very challenging problems
  • Catalyse positive culture change.

We have also upskilled a wide range of organisations in the technique of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) through two-day train-the-trainer workshops.

Contact us to find out more about AI and how we can help you apply it to move more quickly towards your vision of success.

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